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Work with Allison

Service menu

Food Styling

Specializing in cookbooks, print, digital, motion, and television, Allison’s food styling is known for its natural, unfussy look and fresh, vibrant appeal that jumps of both page and screen. She can also help with author and influencer events, as well as food styling workshops. Check out her portfolio and get in touch.

Writing & Co-authoring

Tailor-made content creation for digital, print, cookbooks, and advertisements, with a focus in food and lifestyle media. Chat with Allison if you are interested in a co-author for your book, need an article written, require an ace copywriter for an ad, or desire a piece that stands out on your digital platform.

Recipe Development

Allison has developed recipes for many of the top lifestyle media companies and brands in North America. She has also written three cookbooks, showcasing a versatile set of recipes–with that little something extra–that work. Her food is beloved by home cooks and created to fit your audience, from healthy meals and dietary restrictive menus to vegan dinners, carnivorous feasts, meal kit cards, mouthwatering baked goods, and beyond. Get in touch to find out more.